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Why You Should Pursue A Career In Tech

From pre-independence until the last decade, growing up as a Nigerian child meant deciding between being a doctor, a lawyer, an accountant, or an engineer. Anything other than having an aspiration for one of those was tantamount to aspiring to be a failure. 

All these years later, Nigeria suffers a shortage of professionals in those fields while graduates remain unemployed. 

In that same period, the world evolved to place a spotlight on information technology. A career field that holds the key to every other industry. 

From medicine to agriculture, entertainment, finance, education, and others, the world now relies on information technology to ensure data use and how we use it to optimize processes. Information can now travel at the speed of light, and everyone can tap their phones to make a purchase, swipe right to meet someone, and swipe up to keep playing their games. 

There is no other industry in the history of humanity that is recruiting as many people as information technology is currently doing. 

Options are so many that people are working cross-borders without leaving the comfort of their homes. 

In the midst of all of these, if you prove yourself to be adept at what you do, you can earn yourself a spot in history how priests, warriors, kings, and entertainers in times past did. 

The history books of tomorrow are sure to be filled with stories of women and men changing lives from behind a computer screen.

This new frontier is waiting to be explored, from software engineering to cybersecurity, blockchain technology, web development, and others. 

New industries are springing up and growing into billion-dollar valuations within years. If ever there was a time to get ahead of a trend, this is that time. Click here to read about Diversity – More Than A Quota System.

Quality education in information technology can be expensive to acquire, but Zwart Talent Foundation has stepped into the gap to provide interested students with world-class education. 

Available courses include cybersecurity, full-stack development in JavaScript, PYTHON, Microsoft .NET, PHP/LARAVEL, and UI/UX design. 

With 100% free practical lessons from practising professionals for six months, and a one-year internship to sharpen your skills and build your portfolio, Zwart Talent Academy helps make your dream of a career in information technology a reality.