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The Women That Created The Computer (As We Know It)

From Ada Lovelace to Grace Hopper, Hedy Lamarr, Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson, Annie Easley, Kike Oniwinde, and others, the world owes a debt of gratitude to women who have ensured the field of information technology as we know it today is a possibility rather than a figment of a science fiction writer’s imagination. 

As a matter of fact, do you know that computers used to be humans? Literally. 
More importantly, the people who were referred to as computers were almost exclusively women. So let’s just say these women computed so you can operate a computer comfortably today. 

From Harvard to NASA, computing, and programming were regarded as monotonous and back-breaking labor. The only reason we are all happy to do it today was that the women did it first. Next, they made it cool. So when you look at those old pictures of women in front of big, ancient computers, just before you are tempted to think they are models or just posing for pictures, think again. Those women were the programmers and operators of those massive computer systems. 

All these years later, your phone possesses more computing and storage power than computers did. Yet, they charted the course for the crop of the first men that went into space and the first men on the moon.
On a side note, the Apollo 11 had only 3.814697GB of RAM and 72KB of ROM memory. Nevertheless, that was the computing power with which humanity took its first step on the moon. Can you quickly check the specifications on the phone or computer with which you are reading this? 

From WiFi to GUI, search engines, and hybrid batteries, women pioneered the research that birthed them. As for those of us who enjoy swiping right or up to meet with someone new, we also have a woman to thank for that.
And before we conclude on this, keep in mind that a woman was literally the internet before it became the internet. She oversaw the directory of ARPAnet. The predecessor to the internet. Maybe we should call her the “GoMummy” before “GoDaddy.” 

There are still a million and one other spots waiting to be filled in the history book of information technology. At Zwart Talent Foundation, we believe the modern woman can match up to and surpass the achievements of her predecessors in tech. With access to proper education and opportunities, young girls, ladies, and women worldwide can make their contributions to the ever-evolving world of information technology. 

Their socio-cultural background shouldn’t be a hindrance. Lack of finances shouldn’t hamstring them. This is why we are reserving seventy percent of admission spots for interested and deserving female students. At no upfront cost, they can pursue their dream and get to not only earn a living, but innovate, contribute, and rewrite history through their intelligence, competence, and passion. 

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The pages of history are before you. The pen to write on it is in your hand. Let me rewrite that. The hard drive to store history is before you. Typing your name and your achievement into it is in your hand.