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Diversity – More Than A Quota System

As the call for diversity in the workplace intensifies, there is an argument by some that diversity is nothing but an attempt at filling up quotas for political correctness or to score cheap publicity points. They believe that asking for diversity is depriving others of a fair chance or sacrificing competence and meritocracy. This could not be further from the truth. 

Companies and institutions tend to hire around the identity and familiarity of the founder. As founders, especially in developed countries, tend to be Caucasian, male, and straight, this often reflects in their hires. They hire people they are subconsciously familiar with and comfortable with. This is understandable as they sometimes have never socialized with people who don’t fall within this demographic. 

The result of a homogenous workplace is that although people will be very comfortable around one another, they will often become monotonous. Inevitably, the monotony will reflect in the work, product, customer interaction, public relations, and eventually their profit margin. 

According to, a study found that companies with a diverse set of employees notice a significant increase in cash flow, both overall and among individual contributors at the company, over three years. You can not only imagine but calculate the monetary impact of such returns for any company. You can also read about Empowering Underserved Women to Achieve Gender Equality Through Tech by clicking here.

With an undiverse company, it is not uncommon to see faux pas in product releases, advertising, and public relations, and having a diverse workforce would have halted before it even commenced. There is also a desire among minorities to prove their value to any institution, doing all to ensure that they are never the weak link on any project. This assures top-level output nine times out of ten. 

Diversity being just about meeting a quota system would imply that the underrepresented are not good enough for that industry. Time and again, this has been proven to be untrue. Minorities often have the same level of education and expertise. Still, the reluctance of recruitment teams to hire them deprives them of valuable work experience or even a chance to even step in at the door at all.

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