Zwart Academy, the educational arm of the Zwart Talent Foundation was established to train African youths with the requisite knowledge to thrive in the global IT industry.

Our goal is to successfully train at least, 2000 students in the next five years. Our dream is that at least 50% of them will go on to find quality employment and the other half will successfully find and grow start-ups that will solve challenges in Africa and the world at large.

Our belief is that by taking away the financial cost of quality education and other limitations to developing their skills, we are helping the African youth to build a better future for themselves and their communities.

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Our Zwart Academy Platforms

These are the currently available platforms for young talented youths.


Our training covers technical skills, soft skills, and creative and logical reasoning. Training is free, 100% practical, and lasts 6 months.


12 months of intensive internship with Zwarttech and other associate companies. Our graduates get to work on projects to enhance their skills and build their portfolios.


A page for service authors to showcase their talents and advertise themselves. Jobs are also advertised and recruitment made easy.


A social teams garden for developers to connect and be part of Zwart Talent Foundation groups.

Training Benefits

6 Months

Academy training with Zwart Academy

12 Months

Internship with Zwarttech

Junior Developer

With an entrance salary of 150,000 Naira (after three years you become a mid-engineer)


With an entrance salary of 450,000 Naira (after three years you become a senior engineer)

Senior Engineer

With an entrance salary of 850,000 Naira. You’ll become highly sought after globally.

Team Lead

In Africa IT Hubs Industry

Academy Training Analysis

Our team of seasoned professional IT tutors from Zwarttech teaches these sessions for four (4) hours each four (4) Saturdays of the month. Weekdays are for research and practical sessions. The training duration is for six months and we aim to train 40 young vibrant software engineers with technical skill sets per academic session. Graduates of the Zwart Academy program will proceed on a one-year internship with Zwarttech. After successful completion of their internship, graduates have a choice to work remotely with IT companies around the world or be a part of the Zwart Hub program for start-up founders.