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Providing the Skills Needed For a Successful IT Career and/or Kickstarting StartUps.

About Zwart Talent

The Zwart Talent Foundation was founded in March 2021 and consists of Zwart Talent Academy (ZTA) and Zwart Talent Entrepreneurial Hub (ZTEH). Our NGO was founded with an aim to empower African youth to seize global opportunities while boosting the local African economy.

Experienced and seasoned IT professionals (from Zwarttech; one of our sponsors), in their respective fields, aim to deliver quality education and professional development training to African youth to enable them to compete with international IT talent. At the same time, the Entrepreneurial Hub, built with state-of-the-art infrastructure, is designed specifically to provide an efficient co-working space to the African youth with an entrepreneurial passion. Hence, we,at zwart Talent, are here to empower the youth by all means and help them succeed in a world of advanced technology.

Our Goal

Zwart Talent Academy

Our goal for the Zwart Talent Academy is to teach more than 2000 students in five years, with at least 50% them continuing on to finding quality employment. By reducing their cost to education and limitations to developing their skills, we are helping the African youth in improving their communities.

Become A Sponsor

With our sponsorship programme, you can directly contribute to changing the young African IT talents’ lives. Together with Zwart Talent, you can address your corporate social responsibilities and goals by supporting what matters. Not only that, but we offer you the opportunity to claim this sponsorship as part of your corporate social responsibility goals.

There are many ways to become a sponsor, whether sponsoring equipment for the students to use or giving recurring donations.

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